Neck Traction Bundle

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  • Suspension Boots
  • 5 to 1 Pulley System with Jam Cleat
  • Door Anchor & Nylon Carry Bag
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Neck Traction Bundle

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Deluxe Head Halter

Constructed of tri-laminate nylon and neoprene foam material for comfort, security and stretch-resistance, Velcro strap closures for easy application, vertical pulls have metal D-rings for attachment to metal hangar and traction pulley system.

5 to 1 Pulley System with Jam Cleat

Marine grade stainless steel components for superior performance and longevity.

Door Anchor

Made of Cordura Nylon for strength and longevity.

Nylon Carry Bag

Convenient Drawstring Nylon Bag big enough to carry the Men’s Bundle, plus an extra pair of Women’s Boots as well as the Neck Traction System.

Weight 6.00 LBS
Dimensions 10.00*12.00*6.00in